Welcome to IICM!

IICM is an academic group that integrates Information Technology (IT) related research and application in Taiwan. Our goal is to facilitate technological advancement in local communities, promote experience exchange between academics and the industry, and serve as the professional knowledge-base for IT. We hope to raise Taiwan°¶s academic impact in the field of information science by getting in touch with related international organizations. We sincerely welcome you to join IICM.
°@°@IICM also carries the ambition of coordinating outstanding talents to help bring IT into areas that were not yet digitalized and benefit from the advancement of information technology. Therefore, we can only achieve our goal; and IICM can only grow and mature with your participation and devotion. If you are currently conducting research in fields other than information science, we sincerely welcome you to join us. Through your guidance and help, we are able to make the advancement of IT in our society more efficiently. Again, your feedback and participation is our source of inspiration. Thank you!

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Please download the application form (Individual, Group) , fill it out, and send it back to us.
After you application is sent, please confirm with us on (02)77493515.

Payment methods

  • Postal Account: 00012360510463 Account holder: IICM
  • Credit card

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